Need to make one CMS page different from the others

Hello all,

I am currently building out my portfolio using a template by plugging in my work to preexisting collections. After doing some research I found that I would need to create a second layout option so the changes I make on one page would not take place on the others. However I’m having trouble creating a secondary CMS layout option for campaigns that have case studies videos and for campaigns that just have images of the work.

My current issue now is that the case study video for the Spotify campaign is on every page in the collection

Is there another way for me to achieve this?

I attached a link to the project

Here is my site Read-Only: ** Webflow - Copy of Kamiin's Project **

I’ve had a look and cannot see that case study video appear at all. Maybe you’ve changed this for now.

In any case, the same video would only appear on each collection page if the video element was not connected to a collection field.

Otherwise, Conditional Visibility would allow you to show/hide elements based on how a collection field is populated (e.g. if a video exists or not):

Thank you! This did the trick.