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CMS with forms - want the form to go to different lists in mailchimp depending on which site they fill in the form on


I have set up a CMS that has a form where people can book consultation. This is for a gym. Each location has it own site in the CMS.

I want the form to subscribe people to different mailing list in mailchimp, depending on which location (page) they fill in the form. But since is it set up as CMS it’s not possible to change or set up the form so they will go to the right list in mailchimp.

Any way around this?

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I think its possible if you add a field in the CMS where each location fill in their mailchimp list ID. Then you could embed the sign up form code on the CMS page and use the dynamic fields so that each page displays different sign up forms.

Either that or you could add all the different sign up forms to the CMS page and with condition visibility hide or show the forms on the right page.