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Different CMS Collection List displayed on each CMS Collection Page (same template)

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if someone could help me on a CMS Collection Page template issue… here it is:

If you go on this dynamic CMS Collection Page ( ), you will see that it’s a template for a group of pages called “Actividades (ES)”. That is, pages that should each talk about a specific “Activity” and then list all the Trips, that’s "Vaiajes (ES), according to the Activity to wich they belong.

For example, if you follow the link above, you’d land on a page on “Barranquismo” (Canyoning), where you should have a photo, an introductory text and finally a list of all trips concerning the specific activity of Barranquismo. Each activity page should have its specific list of Viajes (Trips).

The issue is that, when I filter the CMS Collection List for that specific activity on each template, it turns out that the last list that I “filter” applies to all the pages. In the example I gave you with the link, I had previously filtered the list as to display only the Viajes/Trips involving Barranquismo (and it worked)… but then, when I configured the list on another activity page (Gran Treks), it changed the filter (and therefore the list) on all other activity pages (including Barranquismo).

Is there a way for me to apply a different/specific filtered list to each activity page (within the Actividades (ES) CMS Collection Page’s template), just like a do with the introductory photo and text?

Thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:


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