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Did something happen to the custom fonts?


Since last week my fontawesome font looks weird. They changed to times new roman i think? but i dont know whats causing it. i could change in everywhere but i rather find the problem and fix it from there :slight_smile:
any suggestions?

It are the buttons on my main pages when you click on the big orange button.

also the button on the top left is having the issue.

my share link:

Times new roman is browser “fallback” font (The browser will try to use the font you specified , but if it doesn’t have that font available, it will keep going down that list). Its hard to answer (In your read-only fontaswome looks fine). Next time you find this problem use chrome dev tools (Check for errors like 404 - not found). + Please add live-url.

How you added font-aswome? (Official version?)

Just thinking off the top of my head but have you tried using the glyph instead of the code? Click on the glyph icon in the font awesome window to copy the glyph and paste that into the text block where you would normally put the code.

The fallback is set to Arial.

This is my live link:

Its been a few years ago when i build this, but i think i used the glyphs at that moment

In your case if the site not use font-awsome the font is 'Source Sans Pro'

if this font also not avaibale your site use sans-serif


I dont see any fallback but inherit (Not related to this topic anyway).

Maybe add new version of the font. Maybe this bug related to browser support (very rare with woff)

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