[Devlink] About Webflow to React Vite

Hello ,
I have facing a problem about connecting webflow with React Vite.

Here is my code screenshot

I follow what webflow doc write and here is my “.webflowrc.js” code

But I found out that in my devlink file , the JSX file do not automatically add " export default " to me , so It means I have to add by myself everytime while doing sync from Webflow ?

Do anyone have the same question as me ?
Thank you ^^

Hey @Depart_Studio, Welcome to the forum!

Firstly, I strongly recommending hiding your authToken in your screenshot and generating new one. These should be treated like passwords.

I’m personally not too familar with DevLink usage like this, however, feel free to post it on the official Circle community space and the team will be happy to help there!

Of course, if someone else knows, they’re welcome to reply here too! :slight_smile:

thank you for tour help