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Preparing images - Export code stuck!

Hi everyone, i just cannot export my code. Im using Chrome on Win 7 OS.
it’s happening since yesterday, need urgent help

Hi, I’ve never encountered this issue but I see sometimes people being affected.

Can you start the Guest session on your Windows, then connect to WF on Chrome and test again? This will ensure no cache issue or extension issue gets in the way. If this still doesn’t work, email and tell them you’ve been testing in a guest or new user session.

Thanks for replying Vincent! i have an easy fix provided by Dave.
Duplicate the site and export the code on the newly duplicated site.
That made the trick !
Thanks !

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Aw cr*p I wanted to say that but didn’t because I really have no clue on that ◕‿◕ Was going to say clean unused css styles then duplicate… U can’t outsmart dave (:

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