Easy to Read HTML Exported Code


I’m developing a website and I’m interested in give webflow to my designer to make all the pages for my project.
I have downloaded a exported website example (Pixely) and I found the HTML code very messy. All together and
impossible to read. When I created a new website and tried to export, I found the code demonstration before exporting very readable. But in the downloaded version, very bad.

I’ll use Apache Wicket to turn the webflow generated website in a web application. But I need a readable html code to
implement the server-side integration. Is this possible?


I found Refactor option in WebStorm for this task extremely useful. You want to try this as a temporary solution, I guess


Can someone please elaborate on this? I noticed this also. I can understand webflow squeezing everything together because it makes the code a lot smaller. But, is there any way to export nice clean code so that it’s easy to modify after being exported if one wants to implement server side developing outside of webflow or if we just want nice clean code? Does webflow not have this capability? Also, on the other side, if one writes their own HTML/CSS code with any designer is it possible to do what webflow does and create this type of “min” file?

Figured it out - Webflow exports with just linefeeds and not CRLF (carrage return / linefeed) so it just doesn’t show up right in Notepad but it’s pretty easy to view it in just about any other word processor and then copy/paste it into notepad for it to look right.

Hi @rodoflho, Sorry about the trouble with this! I accidentally exported the site with Beautify HTML turned off

Here’s the updated link to test the export: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pyk0gqlmeg7rs99/pixely.webflow.zip?dl=0