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Looking for Full Stack Dev with Webflow Experience (Paid Project)


I am looking for an experienced full-stack developer to tackle a couple of interesting Webflow challenges:

  • Connect API data from to a Webflow-hosted site. The data would be used as shown here and here

  • Find a way for the main page (with all the coin data) to be filtered and sorted using Webflow (e.g. click any of the table headings here to sort This should also support filtering (e.g. selecting 1 or more items from a dropdown which filters the results).

  • Show graphs based on API data (e.g. similar to

  • Track portfolio data. User enters their portfolio amounts which are stored via social login for cross-device access. After the user enters their holdings the prices would be shown based on API data.

Please get in touch via forum message or DM.

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Hi Simon,

Please check DM box.

Best regards,
Scott W.