Interactions are so different than the tutorials DELETE the old

Hello, Great tutorials - easy to understand… but the interactions have changed so much the tutorials are no help. It would be great to delete the old stuff as its not useful at all and update them to the very new software.

Can anyone get me a link to the tutorials for the current uses for Interactions ??

I just looked and don’t see what you’re talking about.

List of interactions have only moved on the last tab, and 4 triggers have been added.

While it’s true there’s a lack if help for this 4 new triggers, the rest is left unchanged.


Where is INTERACTIONS ?? Cant find it anywhere in the NEW part

Found it thanks very much Vincent …

Taking the time to find, watch, and follow video tutorials is very frustrating when the tutorials are out of date. When even a single element of the new UI is different than the tutorial, it can be confusing and maddening.

You should have QA and content strategy processes in place for keeping all of your content updated and accurate. After all, a good proportion of what you deliver to paying customers consists of the instructional help you provide. In the long run, it will save you money and get you a more loyal following.

To be clear, I love Webflow, and I wouldn’t bother to provide such feedback if I didn’t.