Desperately seeking opinions on logo please

Hi there, just hoping to get some constructive criticism on my logo please. It’s for a candle company who makes island inspired scents. The brief is luxury, trendy and tropical lol. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

I smell a ripped logo, and who knows where it originated from lol


F$&@. I actually bloody purchased the palm tree icon off a logo site. Even ran it through reverse images search but only searched the palm tree and not the finished product and nothing came up :frowning:

its unique attributes would be the 4 big branches, try adding or removing one and when you actually finish the whole design then reverse search it on bing & google, and duckduckgo

I find the “FRAGRANCE CO” text hard to read in all caps and in that font. Maybe it should have a different font for the sub line?
Have you tried changing the curved lines of the palm leaves to hard corners to match the geometry of the trunk?