Designing on larger res monitors

I noticed my webflow site doesn’t look great on a tablet landscape (iPad air 2) but looks good on everything else. After a bit of digging it seems there are no breakpoints for that and people suggest the default desktop should cover it.

However, when I work on my monitor my desktop is showing as 1568px


If I plug in an older monitor or use web flow on my laptop I get a different desktop breakpoint…


How do people work on larger res screens and ensure it fits a landscape tablet? Do I always have to drag the sidebars to make it smaller to see what it looks like? It seems like a huge omission to not include a landscape device as it is very easy to make something that looks good on computers, tablets/phones portrait, and not realise it doesn’t work on a landscape tablet and ultimately a tablet is a different thing to a computer (e.g. may want to show/hide different things)