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Request for iPad Landscape Breakpoint

Yes, I know, this topic has been covered all too much in these forums. But I’m noticing something. I work on a 4k Ultra Wide 32". I rarely have a window open at 991-992px and tend to design wide 16:9. So when I preview my design in landscape mode on the ipad I get unwanted results. I noticed on this project that I spent more time in the 991-992px valley than what I did adjusting my results to tablet portrait, phone landscape and portrait! My wide screen experience does not translate well to 991-992px and would like the option to quickly access that “valley” just like all the other modes. Maybe we include a 1280px media querry for those widescreen lovers out there.
I vote for iPad Landscape for President.


I have to totally agree. The notion that you have to to stick to the default 992 width container so it works on the iPad in
landscape mode is kind of archaic. Many people now push that boundary because MANY art directors, designers, etc
have large high res monitors.
It makes TOTAL sense to have a landscape mode for the iPad. You have everything else there but in that one instance we are forced to integrate custom code…?

It’s time for the Landscape mode on the iPad!


+1 I really want to see extra large breakpoints as well. For my 4k monitor I can have more complex layouts.


Webflow mods, can we please add this for consideration? Or is there a way currently to do this in the canvas?

I agree as well. This break point would be nice.

On a side note: I seem to be missing a 4k Ultra Wide 32" monitor… hmmmm :wink:

Haha! Believe it or not it’s too big given my desk positioning. I would prob suggest nothing bigger than a 27" 4K. But do what you like!! However about the breakpoints, the original request was for landscape tablet, so the next breakpoint would focus on wide screen desktops. Or not, we can still cater to the geeks on IE7 legacy and their square monitors.

Ok please view this example, developed by Flatstudio, and take a look at their grid system and how wide they design responsively , which BTW are featured on Awwwards of the day here . But I don’t understand why such a request would not be considered since, at least I think, the Webflow team is about adaptive innovation and non legacy mindset. Maybe it has not been brought to the attention of @thesergie or others?

Please, are there any updates to this topic? Is there any chance of getting an iPad landscape breakpoint?

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I also would like to request this feature!

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YES. PLEASE. Everything else is there, but the Ipad landscape mode. I don’t have a huge monitor or anything but it’s really frustrating not being able to design specifically for the landscape mode.

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+1 for me as well.

I have a 34" ultra-wide 3440x1440 monitor on my desk and you should see what some sites look like in 21:9 aspect ratio :wink:

A “wider breakpoint” would be sweet!

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Yup. Even Google Chrome Dev Tools include it in their device toolbar. 2016 is knocking and requesting more responsive breakpoints ;). Well, keep asking until we get answer.

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+1 Really need a Landscape break point for IPad.

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