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Designer scroll ability freezing after previewing a page with interactions

as its states…

i have ability to scroll in the designer…in preview mode and all elements and aspects of my site and the designer function as they should, but when i open ix2 and then open a scroll page trigger I’ve been using for a while… i am prompted with the usual “animation mode- select different elements” etc…

then the issue… located in the one pg scroll trigger i have “LOGO SPIN IN”… as soon as i open that animation sequence window i get the elsa curse and I’m frozen! i loose all ability to scroll… in the designer… in preview …cant scroll anything… but can nav around and select elements etc. i can even preview but can’t scroll.
dats what it do.

ill mention that i applied a custom attribute of “scroll-speed” to the first 2 sections… i deleted both since but no help. this incident wasn’t mid workflow really…fresh boot to the computer and noticed maybe 10-15 in.

srry if topic already posted… couldn’t find much


just implemented some interactions on a page. When I hit publish the interactions don’t work and if I try to preview the page /fr/centre-du-quebec from designer everything freeze and i’m not even able to scroll the page down… I don’t know what to do! everything is so buggy.

Help please!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hi @donaldsv @ROOSTER thanks for the heads up.

someone else reported this bug as well. I’ll be adding your post to the ticket. Once I have an update, I’ll reply back immediately.


@PixelGeek @donaldsv same but mine have been implemented for weeks…

Thanks for that information. This is a new IX2 issue that our engineers are currently looking into. I’ll do my best to keep you both posted on the progress of this fix.

thank you for your patience.


@donaldsv are you having issues with legacy interaction or ix2 interactions?.. looks like you in legacy and me in ix2

@donaldsv @PixelGeek im not able to recreate my issue on your site… I’m able to setup a page scroll interaction (orating ur search bar) and preview with live grieve and editor preview toggle…no issue.

on my end i can’t toggle live preview nor do my interactions work… nor can i scroll.

I have the same problem with IX2 and i can’t publish my interactions

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@donaldsv @PixelGeek so i just checked my own read only link and the issue doesn’t occur… but persists on my end in the designer

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@PixelGeek or others…

any direction at this point would be great… dead in the water. i have no idea whats going on… i had no issue with things and all was working fine. now freeze freeze

i even restored back 5 hrs probably 4.5 hour prior to the issue first occurring and no effect hiding that section.

i don’t understand how it persists after restore.

Hi @ROOSTER i have already notified the engineers about this bug. We are working on a fix now. Once I have an update, I’ll reply to this thread.

thanks for your patience.


@PixelGeek thank you! just got a bit nervy with the js errors you showed… went and looked myself and it was like 450 of em…eek. I’m no coder thats for sure…just an artist earnn his webflow wing. i mean a good portion of my learning webflow was watch your tutorials for hrs on end… so thanks for that as well!


Hi @ROOSTER we just pushed a fix for the IX2 preview bug. Please reload your site in the Designer and let us know if you run into any other issues. Thanks again!


@danro thanks for the update… but no difference on my end… still freezing up as soon as i open up the trigger pg scroll ix2 everything freezes… i have no idea what the vid @PixelGeek posted means but I’m still getting errors in js console and far more. if i disable js i can scroll again …

@danro i can still freely scroll in the designer, but if i open ix2 list i freeze… also if i go straight toprieve i freeze but can still nav up and down pg with my section links but can’t scroll. as soon as i make one of these actions i loose ability to scroll in the designer as well! pretty frustrating


Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with this. I took a look at your site on this end and wasn’t able to see the freezing behavior when editing the LOGO SPIN IN interaction.

Can you please send me screen recording of the behavior you’re describing.

Can you please try the following:
(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:
(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me:

Could you please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page?

Thanks in advance!

@Brando YES… i will report back… thanks

@Brando how do i upload screen recording?

@brando moving past video upload…

in safari private browser all seems fine

i also installed chrome… worked on there as well but missing components in that browser… id image hats normal cross browser.

seems like i need to learn about issues w safari … recall having similar issue setting up wires email on godaddy

@Brando yo… i feel kinda dumb for making noise on this topic… clearing my cache etc seemed to solve the problem. so srry to webflow staff for making noise…

any words of advice on this topic… should i ditch safari finally?