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Interactions broken on site

Webflow’s upgrade to JQuery 3.3.1 has messed up at least 2 of my interactions.

  1. The Logo, tagline and button on my homescreen used to move and fade in. Now they are gone upon load
  2. My menu used to show and hide based on the direction I was scrolling in. Now it static static.

Can someone please take a look at this an let me know how to get my site back to the way it was?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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@samliew, would greatly appreciate a quick look at this. Everything was fine until the upgrade to 3.3.1. Is there any way for me to override 3.3.1 back to the version we were using. At least to troubleshoot?

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After March 1st if you’d like to remain using jQuery v2.2.0 (recent is v2.2.3) you can override our newer version of jQuery by adding v2.2.0 back to your site.

Simply place the following <script …> in the Custom Code, Footer Code input box found in the site settings.

<script src="" integrity="sha256-ihAoc6M/JPfrIiIeayPE9xjin4UWjsx2mjW/rtmxLM4=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

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Thanks for the information. I did that and am still seeing the issue with 2 of my interactions. Now both JQeury versions are being called. If you look at my project file and play the interactions in the interactions panel using the play button they work fine. Hit preview, or publish and try on the live site…no luck.

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Odd. If the issue was returning to the former version of jQuery then that last one loaded should have fixed your issue on a published site. But, you are still seeing the issue correct?

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Yes, I am still seeing the issue. Interactions work fine in play mode in the interactions panel but not in preview mode or live site. Only 2 of my intereactions are effected.

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Yet, you are on the previous version of jQuery, correct?

Friend it is looking like this is not a jQuery versioning issue. Right?

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I’m lost. If the interaction works in the panel fine, and it used to work fine live, I’m not sure what changed to break it. I have even preview versions from a week ago that show that issue but I know for fact the issue didn’t exist a couple hours ago when I was on the site. hmmmmmm

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I am positive now it is nothing I did. I just restored my site back to a version from 7 days ago when everything worked fine. I was on the live site a ton today, no issues with those two interactions. Now though, they are still broken after the restore.

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Hi @GoldenRatio it looks like the issue is unrelated to the new jquery update from today and caused by a different conflict which we’ve identified. We’re looking into this as a team and will follow up as soon as possible.

I know it’s super frustrating if anything breaks in a site and want you to know that we’ll do everything in our power to make things right ASAP. Most of the team is offline at the moment but will be back online in the AM PST and working on a solution.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, I greatly appreciate it!

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@Waldo, thank you for the heads up. I am going to remove the interactions from the homepage elements for now until this gets resolved. Is it possible to point me towards a ticket/issue I can keep my eye on for when the resolution happens, or can I get updated so I know when to add it back?

Or, is there a workaround you know for this in the interim?


Hi @GoldenRatio we’ll post an update here as soon as there’s a resolution! I’ll send you a DM as well with more information.

At this time removing the interactions would be the closest thing to a workaround. I’ll follow up with more information asap, thanks again so much!!!

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@Waldo @samliew @PixelGeek @bro-design to my novice eyes its seems theres multiple posts about ix2 issues… all of which I’m having

@GoldenRatio same on the restore… felt like i was trippn

@GoldenRatio @bro-design @ROOSTER We’ve just pushed a fix for the IX2 preview bug. Please reload your site in the Webflow Designer and let us know if you run into any further issues. Thanks for your patience!


@Waldo @GoldenRatio no difference on my end… still freezing on action to edit interactions and still freezing after a live preview (no freeze pre preview or interaction with ix2)

any leads be great

My 2 broken interactions are working again. Thank you for the prompt resolution, you guys rock!

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