Design sprint: friendly designers needed to elevate startup MVP in exchange for promotion (& good karma)

My startup is a website where people can share inspirational videos of their career paths so that others can discover all the cool jobs that are out there and we can try to reduce the number of people stuck in boring jobs they hate!

I’ve built the MVP in Webflow. But I have no design or tech background so I’m not ashamed to say: it sucks.

I can tell I’ve made numerous rookie errors, but I don’t have the skill or experience to identify exactly how to fix them.

I wondered if any of the amazing designers on this forum would be interested in reviewing the website from a design perspective and helping me fix the fonts, spacing, copy, colour palette, buttons, interactions, and so on! Any experience with video-heavy sites a major plus. The actual content, site structure and CMS is fine for now.

This might be of interest to any students or anyone wanting to build up their portfolio. Or perhaps more experienced designers looking for a fun project, or someone who takes pity on the little site I’ve created! It just wants to be beautiful like all the other websites!

This is not a funded venture, I have no money to dedicate to this, but as a bonus (for both of us) you can record some videos of you completing your amazing and professional design work and I’ll feature it on the website and on social media. You can show people exactly how you work – even better than a static portfolio. Plus we can show people just how amazing @webflow is!

Timeline is ASAP. Of course!

I am working full-time on this project and hopefully you can see from what I have done so far that I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty with design (even if I still have so much to learn)!

If you want to know who I am, and how I work, check out my profile.

If you’re interested in all or part of this project reply below or send me a message with one sentence on why you want to do it (because I’m interested in why!) and a link to an example of your work.

Thank you!

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