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Wanted: Experienced Webflow designer/dev to team with my creative agency

Hey there! I run a growing creative agency in San Francisco that works with venture-funded startups, primarily on hiring strategy and recruiting-related content development.

A client has asked us to propose a complete re-think of their careers site. We’re looking for a Webflow expert to include in our proposal.

Project outline:

If it’s a go, the project will entail original content development, including text, still photography, and video (we handle these); you will closely collaborate with us to design and develop the site (within the bounds of the client’s style guide). The site will live on a subdomain and require a detailed homepage, two additional page templates (for company departments and individual job specs, respectively), and at least two more short sub-pages. One inspiration is Flipboard’s career site.

Notably, the client uses an applicant tracking system called SmartRecruiters, and we must pull the client’s job specs into the site we develop. SmartRecruiter API info is here and here. IE: You must code.

For context, the total project budget will be in the $10K - $25K range.

Let’s connect if…

If we get the green light on this project, work will begin in the second half of May (~3 weeks away). If you’re available, drop me an email at with:

  1. A brief note on your interest (a couple sentences is fine)
  2. Samples of Webflow sites you’ve designed from scratch
  3. Your hourly rate
  4. A ballpark idea of the time you think this project will take

It’s also worth saying I’d prefer to work with a native English speaker, preferably US-based, though neither language nor location are deal breakers if you’ve got chops :smile:

I’m happy to answer questions here or via email.

To be 100% transparent, there’s a 60/40 chance this client will bite. Either way though, we’ll continue proposing custom career sites to our clients, so I’m ideally looking to form a long-term relationship.

Thanks! —Jackson

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