Seeking Webflow Designer/ Apprentice (Paid) [Closed]

Hiring Webflow Designers (2-3 people) to help me develop websites for my clients and be my protegé (paid).

Preferably someone whose is already accustomed to navigating and building websites on Webflow.

Comment your Webflow portfolios below if you meet these requirements:
-Well-versed in creating interactions***
-You must already have experience in Webflow (3+ websites showcased in your portfolio that are not boring :sweat_smile:)
-Built websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly
-Willing to learn and create efficient websites (organized, minimum bloating of elements, smart use of CMS, instances and templates, so client doesn’t need to keep hiring a developer to add repetitive sections and pages)
-Preferably located in the U.S.
-Passion for creating beautiful and clean designs!

Perks of being my apprentice:

  • Polish your portfolio and level-up your websites
  • Supportive environment where I teach you invaluable lessons that help you get paid for stellar work
  • As an independent contractor you have no limit to how much you can earn
  • I want everyone I teach to grow and flourish as an individual, my aim is for you to be self-sufficient within 6 months of working with me-if you put in the work.

Short intro about me and my company:
I design beautiful websites (I never had time to update it): and work with small-large companies such as ******** that build half-a-million dollar exhibits for delta airlines, home depot, etc.

Hello there,
Hope youre doing good.

I can help with your req.

PM sent, pls check.


I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM with further details.

Hello, I would be glad to be part of your team. feel free to check my past projects SH Webdigital | Expertos en Webflow y diseño web I sent a DM also.

Hey Angelika! I’d love to know more about you and your mission, here is my portfolio / website.

Feel free to get back to me :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thank you for your inquiries! I’m excited to look through them. I know some of you are waiting, but I won’t be able to get back to you until 2-3 weeks, hopefully sooner. It’s quite a bit of time, I apologize.


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Hi Angelika,

I may be the one you are looking for, I believe I can be the partner you can rely on.
Please kindly check my portfolio.

Looking forward to hear some message from you.
Thanks & Regards.

  • Sani

UnfortunatelyI’m not experienced enough to apply for this position. Actually, I’m aself-taught newbie. For the most part, I’m here to learn what qualities I needto develop and what experiences to get. Do you have any recommendations? I’mtrying to master my illustrator skills and spatial thinking but it feels likeit’s not enough. I’m using a list of colors by vistacreate to find outmore about colors combinations and meanings. It all helps me a lot but what skills doyou want your future employee to have?