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Design slows to a crawl and becomes unresponsive

The Designer all-the-sudden became extremely unresponsive.

I’ve been using the Designer for about 2 hours - with no issues.

Then out of no-where… Preview no longer works. Selecting it does nothing.

I can select any element - and it’s appropriate values are displayed.

Attempting to exit (Return to Dashboard) by selecting Project Settings

  • can take upwards of 2 to 3 minutes.

Chrome Browser - latest version.

Issue Happens on Multiple Devices: (Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro, Windows 10 Desktop, HP Spectre X360, Google Pixelbook

Issue Happens on Multiple Operating Systems: Mac OS, Win 10

Been happening for a while as your project gets more intricate it will start timing out on you. I keep refreshing the browser to speed it up again not always with success. :confused:

It’s doing it again.

It was running fine for about 30 minutes…
then all-the-sudden… the Designer just (seemingly) stopped responding.

Everything appeared to be frozen…
(except when selecting an element - the values would still display)…

So I decided to click on the Preview icon a few times
and just sat and waited to see what would happen.

Sure enough - as I anticipated… the system did nothing for about 2 minutes
then all-the-sudden… flipped back and forth between Preview and Non-Preview Modes.

I’m guessing that I selected the Preview icon 5 times… because the Designer went IN and OUT of Preview twice - then went back into Preview Mode.

Selecting the Preview icon again… immediately brought me out of Preview Mode.

It’s as if something in the Designer gets stuck
in a loop and just cycles over and over.

Then… if given enough time - it seems to clear itself up.

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