Designer slows down significantly (requires refresh every ~10-15 minutes)

Anyone know why the Designer would require a refresh every so often? pretty bad lag/delays while all other sites, browser windows, including this form post behaves normally. (meanwhile, the Designer slows down to about 1-3 seconds for every character typed) :frowning:

@nathan @Waldo


Interesting, haven’t had that issue yet. But then again didn’t design above 15 minutes or more yet. But yeah.

I’ve seen this I think. Not sure if same issue.

Not often…but sometimes the designer and the forum stalls.

I thought the designer and forum were on different servers though.

With the designer… I’ve had a few instances where I cannot select the preview option. I.e.: pressing it does nothing… but I can access all the other features - including publishing and exiting. Only preview seems to be doing this.

A couple time - after not being able to select the preview option… . I waited for several minutes before trying again - and still was not able to preview. I had to exit and re-enter… however - I could publish.

Hi @thewonglv thank you so much for letting us know, we’re looking into this issue on your site and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information!

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