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Design issues with mobile preview

Hey there,

I have some issue with my webflow design, I realised that mobile preview on webflow browser doesnt render any problem. Everything look perfectly fine with it.

But when i test it with my mobile (safari) i realised the layout is all messed up, turns out it’s a messed on mobile chrome browser as well. I double checked it on my desktop again to make sure it’s a uniform issue, and it was fine for chrome but not safari (mobile view). It’s happening to mainly all my project pages. Can someone assist me with this?

Some screenshots of the problem, if you refer to the images attached, the right preview state is (chrome_desktop_mobile view) the others are a little messed up :confused:

Desktop (mobile view)
Chrome: fine
Safari: mess

Mobile (iphone6s view):
Chrome: mess
Safari: mess

Here is my public share link:

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