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Safari rendering things differenly

I’m having some issues with some elements in my website are showing up for only Safari (both Desktop and mobile). Text in my blog seems to randomly double up on top of each other, and divs seems to arrange themselves in different orders, ignore sizing rules and take on the wrong backgrounds. I’ve attached examples of what it currently looks like, and what it’s meant to look like.

Here’s what they SHOULD look like

Here is my public share link:


I’m experiencing almost the same issues with my site.

It looks perfect on the Pc with Chrome Browser at any size and on my Android Nexus6p but trouble on iPhone and Sms Galaxy.

On this site, I’m using the “flex” component which seems that struggling on responsive to completely different sizes.

Please see attached screenshots from iPhone 6S, Sams Galaxy 7S and Nexus 6P



Nexus 6P - perfect


Same here.
Lots of issues with Safari (I have a small white space at the bottom of my site on Safari, but looks fine on every other browsers, seems to be an issue with the VH unit)

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