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(Read Only link at bottom of explanation)

I have a project with 3 pages. While the pages called Home and Members Landing work perfectly, the Student Landing page has a problem I haven’t found an answer to:

While you look at the Student Landing page in the Designer, you can see all the text elements (that coincidentally have an interaction associated with them). However, once you Toggle Preview to see a preview of the the page including the interactions, every single block of text associated with interactions simply disappears.

This wasn’t happening yesterday, and it’s not happening with the other two pages. Any ideas?

My read only link here:

Would really appreciate your help on this!


Check the following animation: Memb Landing Fade in Text Desk 2 - Happening on the “Page Load”

Thanks for the feedback, Jean. Checked the animation and fixed the mistake, but none of the animations are still showing up when I click “Toggle Preview”. The spaces where they should appear are left there, but none of the objects/text is appearing. What’s weird enough is that these are the same animations that I used in the page “Members Landing”, and that page is working just fine.

Fix your while page is scrolling ix on that page. The objects it should affect are missing.

Thanks, Dram. A bunch of my interactions got broken the moment I duplicated the “Members Landing” page so I could slightly modify it and have the “Student Landing” page. Not quite sure why that happened, but will start over. Thanks for your time!

I don’t know how it happened but recently webflow made it so that while creating new ix you will automatically target the elements in a way that would make more sense and would cause less broken ix. Yes, give it a try and rebuild them.

Really appreciate it! Have a great weekend.

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