Design/edit made on desktop isn't cascading up, how to reset?

Hi Webflowers!

Having bit of an issue where I mistakenly started editing on the 1920+ breakpoint by accident, now when ever I make a change on the desktop breakpoint it wont make changes on the 1920+ breakpoint.

Is there a way to reset this so all changes made on the desktop follows through to the 1920+ breakpoint? as I really cant afford to keep going to the larger breakpoint just to make the changes I just made on the smaller one lol.

Anyone know how to reset this?


Hi @Dylan_O_Connell
With Finsweet Extension you can remove the breakpoints.

Hi @Dionisie, Thanks, do you know if I delete the breakpoint will the deleted breakpoint follow the desktop styling. For example if I delete the 1920 breakpoint, publish then view the live site on a 1920 desktop will it show the desktop styling?

Yes, in every way. Layouts and margins included.