New to webflow, having some issues

I wanted to see what my website would look like on a larger breakpoint, I didn’t read that I wouldn’t be able to remove it afterwards.

After I made the changes the view on the default desktop breakpoint was different and everytime I imported something like a div block it was a small square and not a rectangle like it was before, I was trying to figure out how to fix this and it was super frustrating and still haven’t solved it

Is there anyway I can get back to the original layout without the larger breakpoints? I’m fine with resetting the entire page, I just don’t want to have to pay for another site as I’m only paying for 1 right now which is the one I can’t figure out how to use properly after messing it up


You can restore your backup right before you created the breakpoint.
Or you could use Finsweet’s chrome extension, I believe it has a way to delete larger breakpoints.

However, you also should not be seeing impacts to your Desktop breakpoint as a result of those larger breakpoints- since changes cascade upwards from desktop to the larger breakpoints, and downwards from desktop to the smaller breakpoints. It’s likely you just changed something in your desktop breakpoint.