Design audioplayer with code

Hi guys, I got helped from the support to create an audio player that loaded information from google drive. It all went well and now I want to style/design the visual audio player. The code I got from the support already had code that styled the player but I want it to look different. I’m new to code, but maybe someone can help me?

this is how it looks now:

Webflow - Jonas Roos)

I want it to have a transparent background and change the color of the font.

I would be sooo grateful if somebody could help me. All my best // Jonas

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This is the default audio player of the navigator you see. If you want to create a custom one you have to dive into code.


In some of this case you can embed the player with code and delete CSS class and the use the same name of class and design them in Webflow. It’s always a little bit tricky.

Thank you so much Romuald, I’ll dive in to it and see what happens, he he.