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Custom Audio Player

Good Day,

I would like to find someone to assist with regards to a custom coded audio player in my webflow site which will be hosted by weblow.

The requirements needed for the Audio player are:

  1. Sticky Footer Audio Player.
  2. Custom Designed (Please see attched image for review).
  3. The Player should play audio files in a webflow dynamic list that contains the file location hosted in Shopiy.
  4. The player can play individual tracks when clicked on in a dynamic list of tracks with the shopify file ID.
  5. Can autoplay track list when clicked on the play button from the latetest track details loaded in the CRM.
  6. Can stop when pressed pause.
  7. Have a track progress bar.
  8. Next and previous button.
  9. Volume Control.

If anybody can help, I would appreciate it.

Please see below a brief design of the player and the song page which will have a button to be able to play a selcted song.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

I don’t think theres any easy way to implement this kind of functionality in webflow at the moment, especially incorporating it into the CMS. There may be someone willing to hack it with custom code but it will likely not work reliably. I could be wrong but I suggest checking out toneden for soundcloud

You can do a mini version that you can see here

You could potentially also incorporate this into a dynamic embed for each dynamic item.

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