Audio player (Take away download option)

Hi best Webflow people

I have code for an audio player that contains a download option (Three dots to the right). Anyone who knows how to ”Code away”. Take away those three dots. Don’t want people to be able to download my audio.

Here’s the audio player

Here’s a read only link.

Would be sooooo grateful if anyone could help me!

You can just add controlsList=“nodownload” to your audio html5 embed. But be aware, this doesn’t mean for real that people can’t download your file. It will just be “slower” in order to be grabbed, but anything you send to the browser, is no longer yours. No matter what you do. People will still be able to download the file from the “Network” tab of the console, or basically just copying and pasting the audio link from your source code

Alright!! Thanks alot. and thank you for the information. Where in the code do i write the controlsList=“nodownload”

Like this: <audio controls controlsList="nodownload"> <source src=""> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio>

Also, your link will be banned if you overgo the limit of bandwith Google drive gives you. Google Drive is a personal file service, not an hosting, you are violating the TOS of Google Drive by using it as an hosting :sweat_smile:

Thanks alot! Aha! Ha ha. wtf. well see what happens . have a great week and thank you again

by the way, while I have you on the thread. is it possible to make the background color in a different color? And enlarge the player a bit? Understand if this is too much to ask a helping friend. Just ignore the message in that case.

kind of like this:

Not using the HTML5 audio player, that is not customizable and every browser will render it differently, you have to use an external js resource and use custom code

Okej, thank you so much for the answer!