Deleting CMS Webflow Pages


I’m a Webflow rookie and trying to quickly spin up a temporary landing page. I used a free template and want to delete the CMS Collection Page in the template. Is there anyway to delete this?

See Read-Only Link here


Hi Kate,

Collection Pages always exist 1:1 with CMS collections; the only way to delete the Collection Page is to remove the collection itself.

However if you’re just wanting it to be irrelevant and invisible to Google, you can add a meta noindex tag to the head custom code for that page;

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

No, those are created by default.

A couple of things to note.

If you created the CMS and don’t want to use the template, don’t add any elements to it. While it exists within the Designer, it never will on the live site. Try browsing it, you’ll get a 404. So that’ll get you what you’ve asked for.

If there are elements already on the page, removing them doesn’t remove it from the live site. But blowing away the CMS collection, and then recreating it (or restoring it) will generate a new template without any elements. Now it’s removed from the live site and 404’s if you try browsing it.