Deleted form keeps reappearing


Someone on my team created a form that we didn’t want so I’ve since deleted it because it keeps getting spam mail. I’ve deleted it from the forms tab under settings twice now, confirmed it’s deleted, and the next day it’s back in the forms tab and receiving email.

I really want this form to be gone so my team doesn’t have to deal with this spam mail. Please help me understand what more I need to do to get rid of it :slight_smile:

Hey Katie,

It’d probably be best to get in touch with Support for this one, as they will have the neccesary access to investigate what is going on here :male_detective: :female_detective:

If the form is actually gone from your site, then the spam problem has nothing to do with what you’ve published- it’s the way Webflow’s form submission handlers have been targeted by spammers.

When I have clients hit by this, my process is;

  • Setup Basin
  • Re-target ALL of their forms to Basin to handle submissions
  • Remove their emails from the form notification settings on their site

That third step is the trick. You’ll continue to get spam as long as your email are still setup to receive notification, even if the form has been deleted.

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I just encountered this myself—was mystified as to how bots were getting to my unpublished form. Only thing I could think was to remove the email addresses from notification settings—your post confirmed my suspicion. :pray: