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Death. If I were to die tomorrow, what happens to my clients websites?

Death. If I were to die tomorrow, what happens to my clients websites? How do they gain access? Who would they contact?


There was a thread on the subject a couple years or so back and this was the posted response when reaching out to support:

Thank you very much for reaching out.

Really hoping that doesn’t happen anytime soon. I would recommend always having some sort of emergency contact and having a plan in place if need be.

They could reach out to us and verify their ownership of the site though, and you could always create say a site in your Webflow account with listed emergency contacts which we could reference.

Please let me know if this is helpful, or if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to help further.

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It would be great if this was somewhere else in the help documentation (or within the account dashboard), but that should give you a good place to start.

Maybe @Waldo can chime in and confirm/update the protocol.


A good role for your business lawyer. Give them the keys and detailed instructions to be delivered to your clients upon your untimely demise. If you have clients then you are a business.

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Who would my lawyer contact? There should be a contact avenue at Webflow, right?

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Thank you so much for following up @LuciMoo, and thank you so much for sharing that note @mikeyevin :webflow_heart:

Right now my recommendation is still to create a site or send us an email (at which your lawyer could also contact) to indicate your emergency contacts or references.

I’ve surfaced this to our team again as well to see if we can get an emergency contact field added within our dashboard. I’ll follow-up once I have more information to provide, thank you again!


While I agree that an emergency contact field in the dashboard would definitely be very useful, most clients would probably need someone to take on their sites’ design work as seamlessly as possible and would have no idea how to make that happen.

Would it be a good idea, with the individual clients’ consent, to advertise their site(s) to the Webflow community and whoever is ready and able could then have a discussion with the client, quote for their services, and take over responsibility for that site if given the go-ahead?

Webflow could then facilitate the site transfer, etc.

This would ensure continuity for the clients and keep websites in Webflow, websites that would otherwise most probably get redesigned from the ground up in Wordpress or something.

Just my two cents.


Really. The whole approach to client websites in your name is floored or not suited to freelance operations. If Webflow enabled clients to add “Designer” collaborators, the problem would be solved as it has been for like 20 years with… Wordpress

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