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"What if you get run over by a bus?"

…asked a potential customer.
When I host a site for customer, I send him a link to Google Drive which is updated whenever I update the site, but, what happens when I host with Webflow on a CMS site?
What do you say to your customers? Will Webflow allow a third party access to his website if his designer snuffs it?
Just wondering…

Your client can email support directly if you are no longer around or is unable to maintain their project (i.e.: hit by a bus).

I asked that question myself to the support team and as Sam said they can contact support. Another idea from the support was to do a some kind of ICE page for the support team to see when a customer contacts them. On that page you can have a list of persons and/or companys that could be contacted when you’r no longer around to help them.

Now that is a very good idea - I think! What’s an ICE page, Jorn?

ICE stands for In Case of Emergancy. But you can call it what ever of course. Just so the page could easily be found by the support.

That’s spot on. Anyone from Webflow reading this? Is this something we/you can set up?

Maybe a field inside your account settings and profile would be better than making a whole new project. Hope this is something they can consider. You could make a wishlist item about this @Hywel

That makes sense, I will create a wishlist entry now. Thanks for your help.

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If the client can prove that he/she owns the website, they can email that proof to

Once verified, we can transfer the site. :slight_smile:


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