Date picker + blockout dates (integrating appointments or reservations functions)

Hello Webflow community,

So I have a client who makes and sells charcuterie boards. Currently on their website is a request form to order one. I want to integrate a more robust date selector with these two functionalities:

  • Blocked out dates (for when my client is on vacation etc)
  • Daily reservation limits (for my client to set a maximum orders per day)

This is somewhere along the lines of an “appointments” functionality. My client does use Square for processing transactions which do offer appointments functionality, but it unclear how I would integrate that into a simple date selector their existing form.

I have seen several calendar/date selector functions in these forums. I could settle or that if there is a known way of blocking out specific dates. So far I haven’t seen any threads address that.

Does anyone have any insight or experience with this? Please help.

Client website is

Example order form is