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Blockout specific date on booking form

I have stepped into the role where the previous designer created our companies website on Webflow. So I am very new to all of this!!

I need amend the booking date calendar option to block out a specific date as the restaurant is booked out on that date.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Royal Hotel Paddington

I’m guessing you’re talking about the booking element on that page shown below (in the red box)—correct?

If you’re wanting to control the dates shown that section, that should all exist within your companies “thefork” account (—not on Webflow itself. The content generated in that area (which is depicted in the Designer as an Embed Element) is essentially just an iFrame of content from another provider. I’d imagine that logging into your account will allow you to update the dates as needed and that content will be reflected automatically on your Webflow site.

Hi there,

Apologies it is actually this module. I am assuuming it is within the Ecommerce part?

I’m not sure if this helps?
I am not that familiar with code.