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Click & Collect function in Webflow

I need a Click & Collect/reserve solution for some projects in the future. A website visitor should be able to select a date, on which they can come in person to the store. I know about Calendly but In my opinion, it is not the optimal solution as It only allows one person to “book” a meeting, but I need to allow several users to select a time. Does someone know how I can solve this for example with Webflow Ecommerce or If there exist some good integrations for that?

You could use an embed field in checkout form (or a dropdown or whatever) + a cms collection with available click and collect time slots (which you can update with the webflow api if it makes sense) + the additional field input provided by webflow. You style your ui the way you want, populate this UI with the clickandcollect collection items, and when user selects an option you pass the info in the webflow additional input field. Easy and really custom ui solution if you know js / jquery and with webflow collection filters you can adapt the “range” of available pickup slots.

I hope this makes sense to you