Date formatting missing on dynamic fields

I’m currently working on a project that integrates a Calendly link widget on collection pages with the goal to allow users to register for online classes. The standard link format provided by Calendly works fine, but I’m looking to include some additional date/time details to skip some repetitive steps during registration.

Within the HTML embed I can dynamically pull all the necessary information to fill out my URL, but unfortunately the date format is causing some issues. Currently the date/time dynamic field defaults to a plain english format (Month DD, YYYY) but I’m needing something in an ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) that will work as a slug.

I believe a simple toggle between readable and ISO formats would work great for most cases, but I’d love to see some expanded functionality similar to how we can display this information within the designer (mutliple format options, or split up by day, year, month, etc).

I was able to find a relevant Wishlist suggestion, so feel free to throw some support over there if you think it’d be useful.