Date/Time CMS field in Dynamic Embed only shows date No time

When I use Dynamic Embed on a CMS template page, and I try to Dynamic embed with a date/Time field from the CMS (Yes date and time are set). The dynamic embed field only shows the date not the time. Do i have to set attributes? or how do i get the date and time

Here is the page, I use Dynamic Embed in the “add to calendar button”

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I also need to access time field in collections through the custom code. Have you got any answer?

I also ran into this issue when trying to set up the Add to Calendar widget. Does anyone know any javascript that would provide the date + time?

bumping this one up

does anybody have a solution here?

I don’t know what I’m doing. However, after copying and pasting the field into Notepad, I found that changing the first “date” to “datetime” (name) gives you a UTC date + time such as 2021-04-15T18:00:00.000Z (so use UTC for .timezone).

<span class="start">{{wf {&quot;path&quot;:&quot;start-time&quot;,&quot;transformers&quot;:[{&quot;name&quot;:&quot;datetime&quot;,&quot;arguments&quot;:[&quot;MMM DD, YYYY&quot;]\}],&quot;type&quot;:&quot;Date&quot;\} }}</span>

Yes, the argument formatting is ignored. So not a solution for general display, but good enough for Add to Calendar to work with.

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Hey there, in our pre-built calendar component we provide a solution without external widget that still provides the option to insert the exact time of the event ( Every event / calendar entry is a Webflow CMS item. Every visual aspect (including states) and the amount of visible days can be modified native within the Webflow designer. We designed it as a cloneable component with a little video tutorial to implement it – should take you around 10 minutes to get started.

For us having this component definitely was a game changer, because we often get the customer request to display different events on a real calendar and not only in a vertical list. We found this was the best possible way to do it within Webflow.

Cal Vid

wow, Your answer helped me at the same time, thank you very much!

not sure if this is a bug, but it’s definitely a blocker for certain functionality. Want to use the time values I pick in the CMS dynamically…

Hey Drew,

I have a date-format-string hack that has worked well for me.
It lets you get the time portion of your datetime field, format the field any way you want including ISO-8601 formats for APIs, scripts, JSON-LD, and so on.

Video here-

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