Date conditions not working

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Hey guys, I’m trying to add “upcoming events” text blocks to events that are in the future, but the condition is hiding all events. Not showing those in the future at all.

Hey Anna,

Thanks for this report :) Soo…

  1. If you have events in collection that you show within Dynamic List, instead of Conditional Visibility you should use Filters - they are working :P
  2. Conditional Visibility for dates is not working as expected - that’s true. Thanks for reporting that :) I will file this issue to our devs!

I’ll keep you updated in this topic :)


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Thank you. Yes I can create a dynamic list for upcoming events by filter. But I can’t add conditional labels to events called “upcoming event” if event is in the future in the all events dynamic list. Thank You again :smile:
Good luck :pray:

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