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I saw that there’s already a post regarding a bug in conditional visibility but this appears to be a separate issue. I have a div block set to display when an option field is turned on, but the page displays completely empty when the condition ISN’T met, and displays without the selected element when the condition IS met.

I’m using this for “related posts” on blog posts, and when there aren’t related posts (when the option is set to “No”) the page displays without any content and without any styling, including meta tags. When there are related posts (when the option is set to “Yes”) the element isn’t visible at all. I’ve included screenshots of each scenario in the designer and after publishing.

When condition is met


When condition isn’t met


Hey @jordanshotwell, can you see if this is still an issue for you? We found a bug and squashed it about 30 minutes ago. Sorry about that!

Hey @callmevlad, it looks like the issue is solved for when the condition is met now, but I’m still getting the same error when the condition isn’t met (images 3 and 4 above). When there is no content to display for the related posts on each blog page, there is no content or styling on the page after publishing.

Hey @jordanshotwell

Super sorry about the issue :( I’ve tried to reproduce this but I was unlucky. Any chance you could share a read-only link and published website link?

Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response ;)

The published page with the blog posts is at http://thecrayoninitiative.webflow.io/blog (one example of a page with an unmet condition that isn’t showing is here). The “[BLANK] As Art” posts should all have conditions met, and those are all showing up correctly, but other blog posts are displaying blank.

Here is the read only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/thecrayoninitiative?preview=ec0ded25c21d47a1528c7dbcb36c35bc

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Go to featured posts and click on Archived item node.

Now go to pages and select dynamic page linking to Current Blog Post.

For some reason it got “deattached”. Repeat such process for all dynamic item links. I will investigate further when such is happening. Can you let me know if you have made any snapshot restore lately?

Let me know if that helps! :)

I’m still getting the same issue after fixing those settings. On publish, the ones with the condition met are still showing up perfectly, but the ones without the condition met have no content or styling. It doesn’t appear to be an issue with linking to the “Current Blog Post” because the links are pulling the correct URL, there is just no content when the page finally loads. See the screenshots below.

Condition not met, on publish

Link to blog post with unmet condition

New bug in conditional visibility: date conditions not working.

There is another bug, I have link field in collection and I can’t choose Conditional visibility for the link, I can do it just for other fields. So i can’t choose “Visible if link is set”.

@cyberdave Could you please tell me if it’s already known bug?

Hi @MaciejIVE, thanks for the report. I just checked, but it is working for me. Do you have a site link that I can look at? (also can you post a screenshot of where the link is, and could you verify your browser/os info?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for respond :slight_smile:

As you can see I have a link and it’s dynamic. It gets data from collection. I need to have it invisible if the link is not set.

(collection: aktualności > link do źródła artykułu)

Chrome 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit) on Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.4

Public link:

Hi @MaciejIVE, thanks a lot, it sell seems to be working for me. In your example image, it does not appear you have any condition set:

I would try:

Setting the url to be taken from the link field and set the conditional visibility on the link field so that the element is visible when the link field is set.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you, but i have no option to choose.

Hi @MaciejIVE, try scrolling the list with your mouse wheel, while the mouse is hovered over the list items.

More options should appear below those options

Let me know in case there are any issues, I will be standing by.

That was it, Thank you.

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No worries @MaciejIVE, there was no scroll indicator there on the list. That is easy to overlook. Have a great day!

@MaciejIVE I’ll also report to our team that an indicator would be helpful here :)

Swoją drogą dobrze widzieć dużą polską firmę korzystającą z Webflow :) Dajcie znać gdybyście mieli jakieś pytania!

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