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Time and date filter for dynamic lists rendering incorrect date

I have events that happen each Saturday and begin at 11am and end at 2pm. I would like to display the current week’s event on our homepage during the week until 2pm and when it is over, display next week’s event which again starts at 11am and ends at 2pm. I have a date and time picker field in my collection, only one event is scheduled each Saturday with an end time of 2pm selected in the time picker. I have attempted the following to filter the events as I wish:

  • Date is Less than 6 Days from Now (including today)
  • Date is Less than 7 Days from Now (including today)
  • Date is Less than 1 Week from Now (including today)

For some reason, none of these will work. Each will show the next week’s event on the current event’s day even though it is outside the scope of the filter.

I welcome any help with this.


I ended up creating a filter for 8 days, sorting the events by date (oldest to newest), limiting the list to one and starting at 1. It worked. I’m not sure if this is a work around to an easier solution, but it worked!

Hi @joshalo3, yes, there is an open bug at the moment with time and date filtering. I do not have an ETA yet, but the work for a fix for this ongoing. As soon as I have more info, I post an update.

Thanks in advance!

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