Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Dashboard view / big image wanted perhaps!

Just my 2 cents.

The Webflow icon below favicon, I see how to use this… Still not to sure to what extent the iPhone screen is seen, is this by us or anyone viewing the site when it’s live?

What I would believe make for a better experience is to have a screen capture of the homepage or hero image (big homepage image) or allow us to upload an image that will be the full width of the site card, currently its grey.

Visually, its easier for me to find my project, thanks for a great product

My 2nd day using your tool, and I can honestly say its blows Macaw out of the water w’ its simplicity. I’m sure the Macaw guys are a great crew, but you sirs & madams, are a crew like no other :wink:

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Thanks @clickryan! Glad you’re liking Webflow. As for the iOS webclip image - if you don’t have an image uploaded then iOS will grab a screenshot of your site.

@thesergie you tease us with that screenshot! Nice touch to see the preview in place…