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Quick visual dashboard hack / preview page graphic

Hi Webflow ‘er’

Quick Q: How do I get a preview image to show up in the dashboard.

I can see one of my homepage’s design show up in the larger thumbnail for the project / site - but how does the dashboard pull this image in.

I just published the site and it works, but when unPublished the image goes away, is this meant to show a status of what is published LIVE or can I have the image thumbnail

Here’s what I have as its really just a sandbox project site for me to play around learning webflow’s capabilities on.

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Anyone know how this works / now works?

Job to be done here /

I’m wanting an easier way to view / browse faster to the project I have …so in a perfect world, I’d love to throw up a thumbnail 100 x 100 px graphic of the client logo or client name and Version # perhaps…

Is there any way to do this?

If not, HOW does this thumbnail work…does it take a screenshot of the index.html page ? and will it update that each saving of the project?

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