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Daily Digest page that pulls date specific content from multiple Collections

Hey there,

I want to make a daily digest page of all the new content being posted for that day. Unfortunately, I need more than 5 references (7, ugh) so I can’t simply make enough references. My work around was to make multiple CMS Collections, each with there own set of 3 or 2 references, and drop them into another CMS “Daily Digest” Collection. My problem now is that it will only show the most recent items in a collection. So even though I want the items for March 29th, instead it will show the more recent items for March 30th.

I know there’s probably a solution here, I just can’t wrap my head around it!

Preview is below, thank you!

Here is my public share link:

I found the solution, it’s to pay twice as much as I am already paying just so I can have a few more references. Sarcastic Hooray!