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Cutsom RSS Feed

Hey, does anyone know how to add additional fields to an RSS feed other than the defaults? I need to somehow output an XML feed containing CMS data…

By default the RSS 2.0 settings only have title, desc, img, and date.


There is a page in the Webflow University that I recommend you review if you haven’t.
It should help you resolve your issue.

If you are still stuck, let us know.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the link but this is just the tutorial on using default fields. I’m trying to create an XML file using some additional CMS fields.


The RSS spec is fixed, see RSS 2.0 specification ( With Webflow you can use a cms fields in the item title and item description as shown in the linked University page.

You can’t add new elements to the feed. If that is what you are trying to do then you would need to build an app off Webflow, possibly with the API, that constructs a custom XML file and serves it up.