Custom RSS Fields

Hi all - I’ve searched everwhere on this forum and no one has an answer to this problem:

I need to have the RSS feed have the field content:encoded to pull the full content instead of just a summary. They want to keep their blog in Webflow because it looks better, but it’s also being pulled into Uberflip for data purposes (they don’t like it anymore, but are stuck in a contract)

They said this:
“When I look at this link here Tetrascience Blog , it allows me to see the entire RSS feed for your TentraScience Blog at this URL Tetrascience Blog. Usually when we open an RSS feed we will see the actual content of the items included in the RSS feed. In this case, I do not see any content which is why the workaround was initiated.”

And sent this to “help”:

How do I hack this to get it to work? Or can I?

BUMP - Really need an answer to this question!