Custom Skin for Hotel Booking Widget

Hi there! Can anyone out there help a newby little coder? This is my first big site and my client (hotel) is switching their booking platform from Cloudbeds to Little Hotelier and they need the widget integrated within their site to reflect the new branding (rather than externally linking to the booking site).

I was excited about this change at first, since Little Hotelier has great branding/marketing and touts itself as super user-friendly and “easily integrated” but I’m realizing they actually use a third party called SiteMinder that is in no way “user-friendly” and I’m having the hardest time. My CSS code isn’t communicating with the source webkit code / javascript (or whatever :thinking:).

I skinned Cloudbeds before and it was a journey, but they provide so many custom CSS resources to customize the widget to match your site and it responded super well. Little Hotelier is a nightmare so far in my experience, so I’m curious if I’m just missing something basic.

If anyone out there can please help me, ur girl is stressed lol

Current Read-Only Webflow Site with Little Hotelier

Current Site Staging Link


Webflow Read-Only with Cloudbeds Integration, before the client switched platforms: Here is the live staging site with Cloudbeds which is more along the lines of what I’m going for :sweat_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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