Channel Management Software Recommendation?


My client is looking to create a website for their hotel where customers can book a stay directly from their website.
These bookings will also need to link with their Airbnb and Vrbo accounts.

Does anyone know a channel management software that I can use to embed a widget in Webflow and that our client can use to manage bookings from all other sites like Airbnb?

Thank you!

I’d suggest to check out Cloudbeds or SiteMinder. They’re great for syncing bookings across different platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.
Just make sure to double-check their compatibility with Webflow and the specific features your client needs.

MyAllocator is a channel manager that connects your hotel to various online travel agencies (OTAs), including Airbnb and Vrbo. It provides a real-time two-way connection, allowing you to manage rates and inventory seamlessly. While it doesn’t offer a direct Webflow integration, you can embed booking widgets or links on your Webflow site.

As far as I can tell SiteMinder doesn’t allow for custom coding over-writing in webflow, but you can embed their widget — just be aware it won’t match the brand of your site. I am currently working on integrating SiteMinder since my client transferred over from Cloudbeds and from a developer perspective I would recommend Cloudbeds as it allows for pretty flexible CSS custom coding.

That said, they’re both able to be embedded via widget within Webflow. Cloudbeds just allows for a more seamless user experience, visually. I can’t speak for the back-end operational perspective.

On a more selfish note, if anyone knows how to trick Siteminder or Little Hotelier to actually reading my code, I’d be eternally grateful!

If you or anyone out there can help, I’m having the same dilemma. Little Hotelier touts itself as super user-friendly and “easily integrated” but I’m having the hardest time. My CSS code isn’t communicating with the source webkit code / javascript or whatever.

I used Cloudbeds before and it was a journey, but they provide so many custom CSS resources to skin the widget to match your site and it responded super well. Little Hotelier is a nightmare so far in my experience, so I’m curious if I’m just missing something basic, as I’m new to coding.

Current Site Webflow Preview

Current Site Staging Link

Webflow Preview of Cloudbeds Integration, before the client switched platforms: Here is the live staging sitewhich is more along the lines of what I’m going for; :sweat_smile: