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Trouble with widget from Cloudbed! help?

Heya! how y’all doing?

I was wondering if maybe someone could shed a light on this problem im having. I was working on this project for a client and i need to embed a Cloudbed widget (booking a hostel room).

This is the page so far:

What i’m trying to do is have a “booking widget bar” just below the hero section with the embed from cloudbeds. It must fix to the page when the user scrolls down (much like a “sticky menu bar”).

Their embed is this script:

<script src=""></script>

I’ve worked out the whole Interactions part and got it all working just fine for the fixed bar and in the preview it all looks good, here is the webflow read-only page (go to Favex - Trouble page) :

But something is happening that the rest of the page just blows itself out when i publish it, have a look:

I have no idea whats in that script that is causing that, can anyone help me out?

EDIT: Apparently the script is moving all of my body sections into the booking-bar-fixed element. (see pic below)

W-I-E-R-D !

Well if anyone got a clue, it’d be much apprectiated :slightly_smiling:


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