Custom product page and checkout experience

I have a website on WordPress, login got move my e-commerce to Webflow.

I was going to use Bubble because it is so easy to do all this but page speed and seo are bad.

So i am left with webflow.

We do custom printing, and my products have complexity when purchasing as there are lots of customization options that go into it, and I want to make it easy for customers on my website

Is that something that is easily achieved in Webflow?

I want to create a product with custom fields such as each product size has its own quantity box. The customer presses the plus button and adds the quantity. When the customer adds the product to the basket, a popup appears asking if you want to customize it by adding your own design, and then a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, if the customer presses ‘yes’ 2 more options to ‘upload a design’ or just ‘add text’. and then pictures of possible sides appear where the item can be customized. So basically like a form that affects price according to the input.

These are the things I want to build, if someone can let me know Webflow can do this, I don’t want to waste time learning something that I won’t use.

if so, someone can guide me with the first steps where i can learn such customization starting with each size having its own quantity box?

Hi @Ek_G

SpreadShop is probably your best bet for this type of thing.