Custom Email Template for Gmail

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a way to create the following template for my business emails I send using a gmail workspace account.

I purchased the SendBox template to help me sort this out but I struggle to get the expected outcome.
The main issue is that I can’t use all the good stuffs I normally use to get the layout I want (flexboxes, relatives, etc.).

So I was wondering if you have ideas to get this result and then to use it on gmail.


The hard realisation… if it can make you less sad, this has been the case forever. Designing for emails is a sport, a complicated sport, like skateboarding but on ice.

There are many techniques, but none of them is using Webflow sadly. For security reasons, emails are pretty secured and can only use basic HTML, with things of the past, like tables.

There are apps dedicated to email design, please search for them on appstores or google, for your OS. Maybe there are online services too. Also, apps like mailchimp have a design module where you can design your email and then grab the code.

Not a direct solution to your query but I hope this helps.

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Yeah, I was aware of these limitations…

I have almost archived my goal but for some reason, the image is not showing…Maybe because it’s only published on the standard domain.

I made it work for my transactional emails to be use in Sendinblue but for some reasons, it fail to work in Gmail.