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Adding CSS in HTML for email template with webflow

Hi all,

we use webflow for create email template.
But went we send it, in gmail for exemple, the CSS isn’t read.

Can we adding CSS in HTML ? Or if someone had tips to create web webflow cool email template ?

Thanks a lot to your help.

Webflow isn’t meant to help create/format HTML emails. Webflow is meant to help create websites and prototypes FAST.

HTML email is an old beast that needs special care.

That being said, the “LINK” tag isn’t recognized in HTML email clients. I would suggest using a web app that was specifically made to create HTML emails like


@Jeremy_Emsellem Make your email and download, Your welcome.

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@daniel_cleayweb Thank you ! I will try your service.

My Best,

thank you @PixelGeek to your information.
But mail chimp is very ugly !